Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's no mystery that I have been trying to loose weight for most of my adult life.
Those who know me personally can tell you that I have tried it all.  I am always lookin' for the next fad diet.  It's crazy but oh so true. 

I have tried everything from Slim Fast to Dr. Bernstein (and everything else in between)  Nothing works long term.  That is truly the funny part.  Everything I've ever tried has worked for me initially.  Then, something happens.  My mind gets all blood crazy and I just STOP!  I stop dieting.  I stop working out.  I stop caring.  I know this is something I HAVE TO DO for my health and to just "look/feel good" but most of the time I just don't give a shit.  Wrong attitude, I'm aware! 

It's just that I put so much damn emphasis on it.  It's the first thing I think of when I wake up each morning, the last thing I think of before I fall asleep and of course the only thing I think of (next to men) every other hour in between.  I just want to do it already and get it over with.  I'm so sick of the fact that I have spent so much time overweight, unhappy, undesirable (to some - fuck them) and unfulfilled because of geing a "bigger girl" 

Good Lord, the things I would do if I were thinner.  Man!  I would rule the world, no doubt!!
I would be the woman I was meant to be, all the time.  I'd be a world traveller -full of life, Sexy, Confident, Vivacious, Ready and willing to embark on any adventure thrown my way.  Not to mention the fact that I would probably be the most promiscuous sex object this side of the hemisphere!!! LOL
I love men, and they love me (for the most part) but I know I'd be a million times more desirable to all of them if I was thinner.  Sex three times of day, exploring different partners, positions and places.  It would be great.  Course, I'd have to get rid of my boyfriend  I don't think he'd mind.  He hasn't touched me in forever and dammit I need to be touched.  A LOT!!!! 

So, first order of business:  Must loose weight this year for good this time.  No more of this "yo-yo dieting" or loosing 50 pounds and gaining back 60.  It's ridiculous, not to mention what it must be doing to me internally.  Secondly:  Must kick my boyfriend out of my bed and my life. However, the order of these resolutions is not important.  It just needs to be done!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was up late one night last week, watching an old movie, when I kept seeing the same kind of commercials on the Tele.  Each slot flooded with three kinds of ads:  Weight loss products, Dating lines and Acne solutions.  Over and over again the same kind of messages kept coming through.  I thought to myself, "ah what the hell I've got two of the three issues goin on, so I'll watch"  After quickly realizing that I have tried all of these stupid diets (stupid because I couldn't stick to any of them) I decided to check out the dating lines they advertised instead.

Seriously folks, what the fuck is wrong with everyone out there???  The lines are loaded with extremely horny men, jerking themselves off on the phone - dying to connect live with someone to cum for.  I swear to God I (LOL)'d to myself for 5 minutes.  Men actually pay for this shit.  It's crazy.  Besides the horny guys tossing off in my ear, I heard the next best thing:  Married men on line looking for one girl to be "loyal" only to them for an "exclusive fuck buddy"  This was priceless.  I guess there are a lot of disappointed men out there (both in and out of marriages/relationships) It's quite sad!  Here I thought that my relationship does but I'm glad I've got company.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I wanted my very first post to be a "special thanks" to my girl Gia, from LIFE AFX.

She has given me both the courage and balls to start my very own blog page, and I am forever grateful.
It's not everyday that you connect with someone who just "loves you for who you are" and expects nothing less in all you say or do. 

I have always been real with all those around me.  My thoughts are always naked and sometimes too much for most -but never ever fake.  Although,"filtering my words" is definitely something I'm working on (right Gia)

For those of you who haven't checked out her page, you're missin' out.  It's a fantastic page about life and all it's daily blows of bullshit.  Yet, somehow she seems to have this knack for makin' even her worst days beautiful through words.  We may not see "eye to eye" with our experiences, but we appreciate one another's perspective.  At the end of the day, what more could anyone possibly ask for? 

You are a unique creation Lady G.  I totally dig and appreciate your expressions.  Don't ever stop creating, no matter what they say... you're awesome!

Thank you so much for being my inspiration....